From an Angry Biking Mom...

Dear Driver,

Will you please stop trying to run over my family while we are riding? Don't you remember when you were a kid and how fun it was to happily ride your bike? Do you honestly think that going 10 miles over the speed limit in a residential area will get you to work on time?

Well please stop.  Honestly just STOP.

My daughter embodies the "Latina Rage".

My daughter embodies the "Latina Rage".

My family bikes to school and almost everywhere, not because we don't have a car but because my family loves to bike.  Plus it takes us less time to bike to school than to fight through horrible traffic to go 1.5 miles.  So the next time you want to speed or jump at the intersection while my family is crossing the street these are the things this ANGRY biking mom will do:

  1. I WILL have direct eye contact - I KNOW you see me.  I'm not a super fast ninja road cyclist wearing sleek clothing.  I am a mom, pulling a giant yellow bike trailer with a bright orange flag riding VERY SLOWLY.  Just so you know my 5 year old son is right behind me too, that's what I'm pointing to and why I'm waving my arms frantically around.
  2. I WILL slow down and stop - If you start entering the intersection as we are walking our bikes across the intersection I will WALK SLOWER and stop until you recognize that I AM in the right of way.  No, slowing down in the intersection doesn't register with my five year old that you aren't going to hit him.

  3. I WILL hit your car -  If you get close enough to me so I can hit you with my arm or leg, I will hit you.  I will not incur any damages to myself for hitting your car, because trust me if you hit my family with your car you will definitely be paying us thousands and thousands of dollars.

  4. I WILL let my "Latina Rage" out - I love Jesus but if you come close to endangering the life of my family while we are riding our bikes, you will see my Latina Rage and understand why I need Jesus in my life.  Especially if you honk your horn two feet in front of my children riding their bikes.

  5. I WILL report you to the authorities - I will write down your license plate, take a picture of you and report you to my local police.  Unless you feel threaten then I don't think you will stop.

Drivers next time you feel like driving like a maniac around my family, you have been warned.  I will strike back.


Chasqui Mom

P.S. Here's a photo montage of my family you are trying to hit.