A Beautiful Sunrise Run through Texas

I recently had the chance to travel to Texas for work.  Yes, I actually have a normal job since blogging isn't rolling in the millions.  Anytime I travel, I always for look outdoor places to explore even if it's for a short morning run.

On this occasion, my work took us out to a retreat location far out in Texas countryside where we had a beautiful location to spend time working.  Of course I had to explore on my own and I'm so glad I did because I experienced the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise run I've ever had.  The run started out very foggy, but as the morning crept on the sun fought it's way through and created this.

Sunrise near Fulshear, Texas ~ March 2017

Sunrise near Fulshear, Texas ~ March 2017

Running is very personal to me, since it's one of the only times I'm alone since becoming a mother. Running is a time when I can be silent, pray, talk to God and de-stress from my daily mothering angst.  Some scrapbook, I exercise to de-stress.  People normally run with headphones and sometimes I do too, but this time the silence on the long straight farm roads was refreshing.  The occasional whinny from a horse or mooing from cows off in the distance were the only sounds I heard, a major difference from running at the gym or in suburbs.


My two cents, when you have a chance to travel somewhere for any reason make an effort to go exploring, because you might just experience the best sunrise of your life.

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