Short Term vs. Long Term Goals

I like to set goals because I'm an extremely goal oriented person. My husband noted that if I don't have a goal in mine I really don't push myself to do it. It's the truth! Here are my "outdoorsy" goals:

Short-Term Goals:
  1. Complete the East Bay Regional Parks District, 2013 Trails Challenge. Only three more hikes to go!
  2. Go on our first family backpacking trip.
  3. Take my very first Kayaking class.
  4. Take a family snowshoeing class as soon as Sophia turns two years old (REI provides a family class but the youngest child has to be at least two).

Long-Term Goals (before I die):

  1. Hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail, Tahoe Rim Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail.
  2. Visit every American National Park.
  3. Visit every Latin country from Mexico to the Argentina (Mexico and Peru are completed)
  4. Learn to Rock Climb.

Happy Adventures!