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Writings and Photography
If you are interested in a topic or writing a guest post for my website, please let me know.  I am always open to new topics as well as being a guest writer for other websites in the outdoor community.  I also love sharing my photography with the world, please feel free to share any photographs I post on my social media outlets but if you want to share my photographs on your website send me an email prior to doing so.

Point Reyes National Seashore - May 2013
Winner of Wilderness Society Photo Contest 2013
Gear Review
I am available to do gear reviews on products geared towards family and the general outdoors.  We are a family of four, my husband, myself and our two toddlers under the age of four who are all avid outdoors individuals.

Travel and Tourism
The San Francisco Bay Area is a hub for local and international travel and even though it's an urban area, nature and "The Great Outdoors" is all around us to enjoy!  If you interested in partnering with me, I would love to promote your outdoor travel, family friendly and tourism business that caters to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Non-Profit Organizations
My husband, Jesse and I are youth leaders at our local San Francisco Bay Area church and have started a "Wilderness Program" with our church's youth group which consists of Junior High and High School students.  We believe that in our urban society our youth lacks exposure to the outdoors and nature which provides many life lessons that can only be learned in the outdoors.  We are always willing to partner with other organizations who promote families and youth to go outdoors as well as partnering with other church's that are looking into getting their youth groups into outdoor activities.

Youth Camping Trip to Pinnacles National Park

Some great outdoor San Francisco Bay Area organizations are:

  • Latino Outdoors - Connecting Leadership, Cultura & Communities with Nature, Conservation, and the Great Outdoors.
  • Bay Area Wilderness Training  - Supports teachers and youth workers with training, gear, funding, and community.
For more family and general outdoor resources please visit my Outdoor Resources page.

To contact me in regards to any of the topics listed, please send me an email to the address listed above.  I look forward to partner with other outdoor enthusiasts!