Title Nine FitFest, Bravangelist Fitting and Bra Giveaway!

I was recently invited to a

Title Nine

Media Only Bra FitFest in Berkeley, California.  I feel like someone was reading my mind out there because I was in a dire need for a GOOD sports bra.  I'm about three months postpartum and a nursing mom...which means none of my pre-pregnancy sports bras fit.

I found it! 3-Reasons Support Bra

I was dreading to look for a sports bra because I have never found one I've actually liked, never mind one that I could nurse in!  With the help of a Title Nine "Bravangelist" aka bra experts, not only did she help me find a sports bra that I can hike, bike and run in but one that I can actually nurse in.

With a talk about my activities, a quick measurement and the fact that my bra size changes almost daily due to breastfeeding, my Bravangelist found me the perfect bra, 

3-Reasons Support Bra

, a review will be coming and keep reading for a chance to

win a FREE bra


A Little Bit About Title Nine...

  • They are evangelical about women's participation in sports and fitness activities
  • Title Nine was founded in 1989 in the San Francisco Bay Area and have 23 stores in the US.
  • Not only do they have bras galore, but they have a clothing line including swimsuits, active wear and the Skirts with Benefits - hidden shorts!

2015 Bra FitFest - SF Bay Area

Title Nine will be holding FitFest events throughout the spring and summer that spans cities across the country and include:

  • Personalized bra fitting advice from a "Bravangelist" expert
  • An expanded assortment of bras
  • Bras for all occasions from sports, work-to-workout, everyday and date night
  • A "Bounce-ath-a-lon" for those who want to put Title Nine bras to the test, with stations like hula hoop, jump rope, cup stacking, run around the block, hippity hop ball (picture above) & burpees.

For Bay Area FitFest locations area the following...

June 17-18, 10 am - 7 pm

Title Nine Los Gatos 

218 N. Santa Cruz Avenue

Los Gatos, CA 95030

June 24-25, 10 am - 7 pm

TitleNine Palo Alto

208 Hamilton Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94301

July 15-16, 10 am - 6 pm

Title Nine Walnut Creek

1637 Mt. Diablo Blvd

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Anyone interested in participating should RSVP at the local Title Nine Retail Location.  Visit

for a full list of cities and more information.  If you attend a FitFest make sure you FB, Instagram or Tweet a picture with the


Title Nine Bra Giveaway!

Here's your chance to enter to win a Title Nine Bra!  Use the Rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway.  Please see below for giveaway details.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open to anyone in the US and will include a personalized fitting (either in-store or by-phone, depending on location) and one (1) bra.  Winners within driving distance of a TitleNine store will be asked to redeem their prize at the closest/preferred retail location.  Giveaway is open from 6/12/15 until 11:59 pm PST 6/22/15.

I would like to thank

Title Nine

 who invited me to the "Media Only" Bra FitFest

 for the purposes of this giveaway.  As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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Rheos Gear #LookAround Giveaway: Delta Gift Card & Shades

For more details please visit: Rheos Gear Official Contest Rules

I've partnered with a brand new outdoor gear brand, Rheos Gear who's mantra is very similar to mine:
"Whether it's an afternoon hike, a bike bike around the city, a boulder-climb at the park, we want to motivate people to get out and #lookaround.
I agree with their vision that you don't have to travel the world to find outdoor adventure but that the outdoor world is all around us and I'm glad to partner with their awesome new giveaway:

  • Grand Prize Winner: $500 Delta Gift Card and a full set of Rheos Sunglasses or 
  • First Place Prize (9 available): One full set of Rheos sunglasses.

Enter to win at: and to double your chances enter my special referral code:  CHASQUIMOM

You can also enter by submitting a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #LookAround and tagging @rheosgear

Keep an eye out for an upcoming gear review on Rheos sunglasses! Giveaway ends March, 30 2015 so enter today!

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Thankful for TWO Years! New Logo and National Parks Pass

TWO years have gone by since I started Chasqui Mom! I'm so thankful and happy for all the opportunities I have had, the great people I have met through social media and subsequently "in real life" because of this blog.

I'm so excited for new things to come but first I'd like to share a little something I've been working on with my graphic designer: Tipton Designs...

I finally have a beautiful logo for my blog!  It completely encompasses my motto, "Loving nature through hiking, backpacking and anything outdoors as a family."  A bit of Peru, family and the outdoors!

Highlights of Chasqui Mom's Year Two

Our favorite adventure, year two of "Chasqui Mom" is one that I haven't even written about yet.  During our week long vacation in Sequoia National Park, we had a one-night family backpacking trip to Pear Lake and it was absolutely breathtaking.

It was very hard, the air was thin, the mountain was steep, and our packs were heavy, but our hearts were happy to be high up in the mountains with our children.  Pear Lake holds lots of great memories that I will soon write about.  That has been one of my favorite hiking adventures of this year.

If you hadn't noticed, we LOVE National Parks! To celebrate my two years of "Chasqui Mom", I will be giving away one (1) US National Parks Annual Pass (value $80) because I want you and your family to enjoy National Parks as much as we do!
  • This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and at least 18 years old.
  • Contest starts November 7, 2014 12:00 a.m. PST until November 20, 2014 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Winner will be announced a couple days after the giveaway has finished.
  • One (1) US National Parks Annual pass will be awarded after the entry has been validated  Details on the pass can be found HERE.
  • Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway.  Winner will be selected at random by Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A few more changes will be occurring over the next few months in regards to the design of the website thanks to Marla of Tipton Designs, who is great graphic designer and a wonderful mother too! Thanks to her, I have my awesome new "Chasqui Mom" logo that I love!  So keep your eye out on some upgrades coming to!

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Muddy Munchkins Boots by MyMayu ~ Gear Review + Giveaway

I truly believe that whether in your backyard or on the trails, being active outdoors is something essential for families, especially families with toddlers, even when the grass, cement and dirt is all wet! Children love nature when it's muddy, or when there are lots of puddles to explore, and having the appropriate footwear is as essential as having the proper clothing.

Featured: Muddy Munchkins Boot by MyMayu [Gray/Fairy, Size 7/8]
Over the last few years I've run into many issues with inadequate footwear for my toddlers.  It's been hard to figure out the right shoes for my toddlers when we go outside to play in our neighborhood or if we head out to the backcountry.  I was very glad to discovered Muddy Munchkins Boots by MyMayu that even as I read their Mission Statement...
"MyMayu was created out of necessity: a little boy without proper boots wanted to follow his big brother in the rain.  Too many puddle jumping sessions had been cut short by face-plants in the water because of bulky, clunky rubber boots that were too big, too heavy and made him trip.  There had to be a better boot."
I knew MyMayu, a Canadian company, understood the needs of my child who enjoys playing in the mud but not getting soggy, muddy feet! Why? Because the owners are parents themselves who love the outdoors and understand toddlers needs! Not only did I have the chance to review these awesome boots but MyMayu is giving away a pair in this gear review, so keep reading and enter below for a chance to win one for your toddler! [Giveaway has ended]

Side Note: I'm particularly fond of the name of this company because it's part Quechua! MyMayu means My "River".  Chasqui Mom approved!

  • Water-Repellent Boots (not waterproof) and Ultra Lightweight for infants/toddlers
  • Three-Season Boot (Spring, Summer and Fall) w/Fleece Liner option for colder temperatures
    • Helio Fleece Liner (Optional) Retail Price $16.95
  • Multiple Toggles at the knee and ankle to protect from water splashing
  • Compact storage due to collapsible upper section
  • MM by MyMayu Boot Retail Price: $48.95 ~ 18 different colors and designs!
  • Current Toddler Shoe Sizes: 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 
  • Made in North America, BPA Free, Vegan and Quick Drying.

The Pluses!

The MM Boots by MyMayu, size 7/8 were tested by my three year old daughter who LOVES to get muddy.  These boots were tested in the San Francisco Bay Area on grass, mud, cement, shallow puddles and on the dirt trails.  

  • Lightweight ~ I think this is my favorite feature of these boots.  My daughter has had the hardest time finding shoes she can comfortably walk, run and hike in.  All other shoes, including her hiking shoes, make her trip a lot.  MM Boots provides all the protection from the elements but with no cost in weight, which means my toddler can play freely.
  • Water-Repellent ~ Nothing is worse than soggy feet, period.  My daughter was able to splash around in shallow puddles, wet grass, very muddy trails and her feet stayed dried.  It's a great boot for a rainy or misty day.
  • Quick Drying ~ After an morning of walking around in the rain and splashing in puddles, I was scared that the boots would be wet for the rest of the day but they dried quickly and was ready to be worn again later in the afternoon on muddy trails.  Usually shoes take days to dry but the MM boot (without the fleece) dried within hours.
  • Great for Urban and Outdoor Play ~ Living the the San Francisco Bay Area sometimes I feel like I'm over doing it by making my kids wear their waterproof hiking boots/shoes to the playground or a short hike but I know that if their feet get wet then there will be lots of complaining and being carried.  These boots allow for freely playing in urban and outdoor play areas such as playground parks, nature trails to walking on city streets.  A very appropriate boot for outdoor play on wet days.
  • Tall Upper Section, Toggles and Helios Fleece ~ I still carry my daughter occasionally in the kid carrier and her little calves usually end up being exposed.  What is great about the MM Boots by MyMayu is that the tall upper section that has toggles right below the knee so if the pants ride up neither cold wind or rain can dribble down their little legs!  A second toggle is also around the ankle to keep the boot in place.  Also, if the Helios Fleece are inserted, it adds an extra layer of warmth and doesn't stick out of the boot.

The Minuses
  • Not Waterproof ~ Let's make this clear, the MM Boots are not waterproof and they don't claim to be but they are water repellent.  The difference is that wading through a creek or standing in deep puddles will let water seep in.  We like to test gear to its limits so my daughter stood in a very deep puddle to test the "Waterproof-ness".  To my surprise her socks and feet were damp but not soggy.  Still just to clarify these are not waterproof.
  • Limited Sizes (For Now) ~ Currently MyMayu only has toddler sizes 1-8, but the good news is that in Spring 2015, MyMayu plans to have all sizes from Toddler 1 to Youth 2 in both MuddyMunchkins and Aqua boots in stock.  Did I mention the Aqua boot WILL be waterproof?! Yay!
MyMayu Giveaway!

Here's your chance to win one (1) pair of Muddy Munchkins Boots and Helio Liners by MyMayu!

  • This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Contest starts October 9, 2014 12:00 a.m. PST until October 23, 2014 11:59 p.m. PST.
  • Winner will be announced a couple days after the giveaway has finished.
  • Your choice of boot and matching liner found HERE, granted that it's in stock, Toddler Size 1/2 to 7/8 only.

Please use the Rafflecopter below to submit your entries and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I would like to thank MyMayu who provided these product for the purposes of this review.  As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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Drinking from the Source: LifeStraw® Review & Giveaway

Ever since I saw the LifeStraw® in an outdoor magazine a few years ago, I've been very interested in trying out this personal water filter in the outdoors.  We are a hiking, backpacking family so having access to safe drinking water is always a concern of ours, especially for our toddlers health.  Calculating how much water to bring for a family of four is sometimes a difficult task because we have to determine who will be carrying all the water weight.

Whether we are day hiking, camping, backpacking or traveling internationally, the LifeStraw® will be something that will always come along on our family adventures.  Later on in the post you can enter in Rafflecopter for a chance to win your own LifeStraw® (enter below).

LifeStraw® product details:

  • Filters at least 1,000 liters of water (264 gallons).
  • Weighs only 54 grams (2 oz.)
  • Removes up to 99.99999 percent of waterborne bacteria.
  • Removes up to 99.9 percent of waterborne protozoan cysts.
  • Reduces turbidity by filtering particles of approx. 0.2 microns.
  • BPA Free and contains no chemicals.
  • Uses no bateries or moving parts.
  • It removes virtually all bacteria and protozoa parasites that can contaminate water and it reduces muddiness by filtering out particulate matter.
  • Swiss-based company Vestergaard originally introduced LifeStraw® as an emergency response tool and it has been used by millions of victims of floods and earthquakes.  LifeStraw® has also been used to fill the need for safe water in non-emergency situations in developing countries.

The Pluses!

Alpine water freshness!

  • Easy To Use ~ If my two year old daughter can do it, anyone can.  If you can drink from a straw you can use the LifeStraw®.
  • Motivation to Hydrate ~ Sometimes my children are so excited to be outdoors that they forget to drink water.  The LifeStraw® motivated my children to drink because it was fun to drink from the lake using the LifeStraw®.
  • Lightweight & Easy to Carry ~ When backpacking every ounce counts, so having a lightweight personal water filter is always a plus.  It also has lanyard-type necklace that can worn around the neck or attached to a pack.
  • Humanitarian Aid ~ When you purchase a LifeStraw® product, a portion of the funds goes to provide water purifiers for African schools.
  • Refreshing Water ~ Sometimes after hiking all day, all I want is cold water yet the water I bring is lukewarm.  Not refreshing at all!  With the LifeStraw® I can drink straight from the COLD alpine lake and satisfy my thirst!
  • Affordable Pricing ~ The LifeStraw® retails for $19.95, which can filter 1,000 liters or 264 gallons of water, overall that is a very low cost for that 1,000 liters of water!

The Minuses

My only "minus" about the LifeStraw® is that if you are not near water, then you are out of luck.  I normally day hike in the San Francisco East Bay hills where there is hardly any natural water sources so I have to bring in my own water most of the year.  Yet, we are always heading out to locations like the California Sierras or the Peninsula where there are lakes, creeks and rivers so it is still very useful.

Chasqui Mom Last Thoughts...

I can see many uses of the LifeStraw® outside the use in the outdoors, like traveling internationally to countries which might not have safe water to drink, or after a natural disaster like floods and earthquakes.  Water is one of the 10 essentials when heading outdoors and I'm glad I have a easy to use, lightweight LifeStraw® to keep my family hydrated and safe.

LifeStraw® has graciously provided a LifeStraw® personal water filter to giveaway!  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, no PO Boxes.  Contest starts June 30, 2014 12:00 a.m. PST until July 6, 2014 11:59 p.m. PST.  Winner will be announced a couple days after the giveaway has finished.  Please use the Rafflecopter below to submit your entries and good luck! [THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The LifeStraw® product and information have been provided by Vestergaard.  As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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