Chasqui Mom

This is my new blog and my first post in a very long time.  This blog is about how I began loving being outdoors doing activities such as hiking, backpacking, camping, etc.  That is a picture of my husband, Jesse, our only dog at the time, Rocky and myself, circa 2006/2007, hiking locally at Mission Peak in Fremont. 

Up until I started dating my husband, I never hiked or backpacked.  Occasional camping with my family and church activities was the only experience I had with "those" types of activities.

I want to thank my husband for opening my eyes to such a cool world and showing me how to enjoy God's creation so much better.  I hope this blog can help me keep track and remember all the wonderful adventures I have been on and will be on.

The title "Chasqui Mom" is two-fold:
  • One, I'm of Peruvian descent, Mestizo (Spanish and Indigenous people) though most of my heritage is more indigenous than Spanish. To quote Wikipedia "The Chasquis (also Chaskis) were agile and highly-trained runners that delivered messages, royal delicacies such as fish and other objects throughout the Inca Empire, principally in the service of the Sapa IncaChasquis were dispatched along thousands of miles, taking advantage of the vast Inca system of purpose-built roads and rope bridges in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador."  I don't claim to be a Chasqui I just thought it was appropriate since this is all about hiking, running, camping, etc.

  • Two, I'm a mother of two little ones, trying to maintain my love of the outdoors which is sometimes difficult BUT doable.
Hope you enjoy my past and future adventures.