Toddler Nap Time During a Hike

Nap time is always a struggle in my household when it comes to my son, so when we hike I really don't care if he naps or not.  Some parents are more rigid when it comes to napping but I am a little more "go with the flow" when it comes nap time for our toddlers.  Here's my son trying not to nap at Pinnacles National Park.

I grew up as "Pastor's Kid" so I was taken everywhere and anywhere growing up, falling asleep at restaurant booths, park benches, church with loud music playing etc.  Our current family lifestyle is almost the same, we are a family that can never sit still so my kids sleep anywhere, church benches, the floor, especially their carriers while hiking.

Every parent has different parenting styles, but some great motherly advice from my mother was that children should adapt to their parents lifestyles not the other way around.  Happy Hiking!