Book Review + GIVEAWAY: Grow Exploring ABC & 123 Outdoor Children's Books
You know how children can tell the difference between a real cell phone and a toy cell phone? Well my toddlers are very keen on telling what is real and what is not and always want the real deal!  My kids know the difference between hiking boots, climbing shoes, hydration packs and water bottles so I was very excited to review Grow Exploring ABC & 123 Children's Books authored by Sterling and Sarah Acree.

Sterling and Sarah were tired of reading farm animal counting books to their children, so they wrote these books to teach their children the ABC & 123's using familiar outdoor gear.  These have traditional "ABC & 123" book format but using real gear pictures, Grow Exploring has FOUR great children's books:

C is for Camping
From A to Z there are 18 pages of camping gear items representing the whole Alphabet! This was a Chasqui Mom family favorite of the set!

123 Let's Go Climbing
From crash pads, quickdraws to carabiners this book teaches counting to 1 to 10 and basic climbing gear.  This was my daughters favorite because she recognized her brother's climbing shoes (10 pages).

From ski poles to goggles this book dresses a skier from head to toe with counting 1 to 10 with gear and clothing needed for skiing!  This one was my son's favorite book even though he has never skied! (10 pages).

Even I learned a lot from this 12 page book of counting kayaking and rafting gear! From a throw bag to cam straps this book teaches counting 1 to 10 and basic gear for these sports.  Plus I got to check out some kayaks I might want in the future!

The Pluses!

Real Gear Pictures ~ All four books use 100% real pictures from outdoor brands such as  Kelty, Light My Fire, Mad Rock, Jackson Kayak, Mammut and many more.  No cartoon version of an "A-Frame Tent" to represent the first letter of the alphabet, Letter "A"!  From rock climbing shoes, camp utensils, ponchos, kayaks and yurts they are real pictures for every letter and numbers 1-10.  My favorite picture was an Insect Net for the Letter "I"!

Recognizable Gear ~ Half of our outdoor gear shows up in these books, especially in "C is for Camping".  My children love when they can recognize their own items in books, at a friends house or on television.  Reading through "123 Let's Go Climbing", my son recognized and squealed with glee when he saw the same Mad Rock Mad Monkey 2.0 Climbing Shoe.  The gear is very recognizable for children who have even just a little bit of outdoor experience.

Parents Enjoy The Books Too ~ My husband and I enjoyed reading these books to our toddlers.  Not only are our children learning their ABC's and 123's but we had a chuckle reading non-traditional alphabet representatives, such a "K is for Kid Carrier" and "D is for Dome Tent"!  Being an outdoor family we love continue exposing our children to the outdoors while reading to them indoors!

Colorful Board Book ~ My children are older toddlers and still have issues with ripping pages, so the board pages really help the books last longer in my household! Not a main focal point of these books but since they use different brands from different sports, there are colors galore and I could ask my children to list off the different colored rafts.

The Minuses

Now my kids want more gear! Not really a bad thing but after we read these books my son wanted to go buy goggles, a big knife and climbing helmet.  Be warned your children might want to go shopping at an outdoor retailer after reading these books!

Where Can You Get These Books?
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Grow Exploring generously provided these books for the purposes of a review. As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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