Gear Review: Dorcy LED Headlights Spot and Broad Beam

I'll be honest, I was a little perplexed on doing a gear review on headlights since it's always difficult to take pictures at night unless you are a professional photographer, which I'm not.  In order to show my review in action, I tested out Dorcy LED Headlights both Spot and Broad Beam on a moonless night hike with my family!  Check out my video and read my review below.

Lighting is very important to this family! Why? Because I married an electrical engineer who is a lighting specialist and even though we usually don't go on many night hikes, we are camping all the time where hands-free lighting is essential.  As you also see in the video my husband is carrying our daughter as well as holding my son's hand so his hands are tied up.

Dorcy has two headlights that fit both our outdoor lighting needs!

Spot Beam ~ Photo Courtesy

Run Time: 12 hours on 3 AAA Batteries (included)
Brightness: 134 Lumens, 387 Feet Beam Distance
Lighting: LED in Full and Half Power, Strobe
Weight: 2.9 ounces
Retail Price: $24.99
Switch: On top of light that can angle 
Weather Resistant

Broad Beam ~ Photo Courtesy 

Run Time: 12 hours on 3 AAA batteries (included)
Brightness: 120 Lumens, 157 Feet Beam Distance
Lighting: LED in Full and Half Power, Strobe
Weight: 2.9 ounces
Retail Price: $24.99
Switch: On top of light that can angle
Weather Resistant

The Pluses!

Dorcy Spot Beam and Broad Beam:
  • Lightweight ~ We are a backpacking family so we count every ounce that goes in our packs, so at 2.9 ounces both headlights are up to our weight standards,
  • Adjustable Band ~ While most headlamps are adjustable not all adult size headlamps fit toddlers.  Both Dorcy Spot and Broad Beam headlights were able to be sized down to fit my toddlers heads, which is great because children like to test out whatever gear we have.
  • Durability ~ Both headlights are weather resistant and "toddler" resistant.  Anything used outdoors should be weather resistant, period.  As in most of my gear reviews, I let my kids "test" the headlights not only were they able to manage to function the headlights they didn't destroy the head lights. 
  • Simplicity ~ There are only THREE levels of lighting in both Spot and Broad Beam, Full Power, Half Power and Strobe.  Those three levels of lighting are the only ones that are truly needed.  I don't like fumbling at night going through multiple levels of lighting before I figure out the right one.  
  • Switch Location ~ The switch is INDEPENDENT from the light, (which can be angled).  No more searching for where the switch is or accidentally hitting the switch when trying to change the beam angle.

Dorcy Spot Beam Only:
  • Great for Physical Activity ~ I prefer the Dorcy Spot Beam Headlight while night hiking.  It was a stronger, bright light and even though it's a "beam" it had a large flooded lighted area on the trail.  My husband also tried the Spot Beam out while cycling during the early morning hours and said the Spot Beam has "more punch".
Broad Beam Only:
  • Great for Low Impact Activity ~ The best use for the Dorcy Broad Beam would be around camp.  The light is very defused but still bright enough to walk around camp especially if the light is brought down to half power.  

The Minuses
  • Size, Style and Batteries ~ Even though the headlights are very lightweight the size of the headlights seem large.  The style of the both lights seem a little "outdated" but in all reality the functionality is what matters.  We are a very "green" family and we try to use rechargeable energy sources as much as we can, so the fact that we have to use batteries bothers me a little bit, but most headlights use batteries.
  • Spot Beam Only: The beam is too harsh for around camp.
  • Broad Beam Only: Not enough lighting for outdoor physical activity.

Chasqui Mom Last Thoughts...

Overall, I'm very pleased with Dorcy LED Spot and Broad Beam Headlights and would recommend them for outdoor use.  Depending on your needs and lighting likes both headlights are useful for a large array of outdoor activity and in particular, outdoor family activity!

I would like to thank Dorcy who provided these product for the purposes of this review.  As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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