Food Reviews: Greenbelly Bars ~ Fuel for the Active Family

We are an active adventurous family.  Whether we are hiking, backpacking or cycling there is one thing as outdoor parents that is a major concern for the entire family....

Food = Energy

Greenbelly has created a new meal bar that was calling out to Chasqui Mom and family!  We might not hike or bike major distances because our of children but we do burn a lot of calories due to the amount of gear we carry in addition to "little humans"!

Greenbelly meal bars were created by founder, Chris Cage after his amazing hiking, backpacking and cycling adventures all throughout Asia, New Zealand and the Appalachian Trail.  Cage understood the necessity of quality, healthful nutrition that can keep an adventurer full.  Chasqui Mom and family tested all three flavors in three different activities: hiking, snow play and cycling.

Hiking with kids burns lots of calories! ~ Flavor: Peanut Apricot

  • Three Great Flavors ~ Peanut Apricot, Cranberry Almond and Dark Chocolate Banana.
  • All Natural Ingredients & Balance Nutrition ~ 33% of your daily calorie intake created by a food scientist and chef.
  • Lightweight ~ For us pack weight "worriers", Greenbelly meals weighs only 5.6 oz and has over 600 calories.
Great for long bike rides! Flavor: Chocolate Banana

The Pluses!

  • Meal Replacement or Added Snack  ~ Honestly, my husband and I are always in a "calorie deficit" when we go on long treks with our kids and Greenbelly meal bars are a great addition.  This will going in our backpacking food list and hopefully we don't wake up in the middle of the night hungry anymore!
  • All Natural for the Whole Family ~ Since we do everything as a family, my kids eat whatever we eat on the trail.  I gladly shared my Greenbelly meal bars with my kids knowing that it's all natural, not to mention that I was pregnant when I ate these.  I love giving my family nutritious natural foods.
  • Flavorful ~ Many energy bars taste, "blah" and even though they might provide the calories and energy needed, I just don't like eating them.  Greenbelly meal bars are flavorful and taste like the food listed on the packaging because they are made from REAL FOOD!  I thought Cranberry Almond would be my favorite, but I truly loved the Peanut Apricot even though I'm not a big peanut fan!
  • Socially Conscious ~ For every meal bar that is purchase, Greenbelly donates a meal to someone in need and has partnered with Leave No Trace to preserve the outdoors for the next generation, like my kids!

The Minuses

  • Packaging ~ I couldn't finish an entire package myself and would have liked to "zip" it up back into the packaging to snack on later.  Thankfully my kids and husband help with eating the rest of the meal bars!
  • Eating While Riding ~  The meals are a little large (but light) to eat while riding.  Even my husband, an experienced rider had to stop riding to open and eat the meal bars.  This was not an issue while hiking or any other outdoor activity.

I love partnering with new innovative companies with products that I would actually use in my outdoor lifestyle.  Greenbelly is a USA, Georgia based company making a great new food product that I fully endorse.  Hear from the founder himself ,Chris Cage ~ Greenbelly.

Starting March 3, 2015 Greenbelly is selling their awesome meal bars through their Kickstarter Project for a month.  For more information on on how to get some bars for your adventures, check out Greenbelly's Kickstarter Project: CLICK HERE.

I would like to thank Greenbelly who provided this product for the purposes of this review.  As always these are my true and honest opinions.

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