About Chasqui Mom

I am a California native, born to Peruvian immigrants hence the ode to my heritage, "Chasqui" Mom.  I am a stay at home wife and mom to my wonderful husband and two wonderful children.  The outdoors adventure "bug" runs through my veins since many generations ago, from my ancestors hiking from the high Andes mountains to the Amazon basin in Peru, to my parents month long backpacking trip from Peru to Los Angeles, California in the late 1970's.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and most of my outdoor adventures are based in the Bay Area or Northern California.  Family oriented outdoor activities is my main focus of most of my ramblings but my previous hiking adventures prior to entering the world of motherhood are also included.

In addition to being a Outdoor Family Blogger, I also strive to encourage all families and in particular Latino families to learn to enjoy the outdoors in anyway they can.  In 2014, I had the honor of joining two great outdoor non-profit organizations:

               American Hiking Society, Board Member                              Latino Outdoors, Regional Coordinator
                        Board of Directors ~ 2014                                                      San Francisco Bay Area

I look forward to exploring the outdoors with my family and my youth students, partnering with companies and non-profit organizations to help everyone discover the world around us.

Thank you God for creating such a wonderful Earth to explore!

Melissa Avery

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