Nuun Ambassador

This Outdoor Mom is a Nuunbassador!

Got the news recently that Nuun has chosen me, Chasqui Mom to be one of their 2015 Nuun Ambassador or as Nuun calls it a Nunnbassador!  Looking forward to representing Nuun in the upcoming year.

For those who don't know about Nuun, it's an electrolyte tab that hydrates without the sugar (carbohydrates). Personally, I started drinking Nuun over Summer 2014 because I became pregnant, was still very active and couldn't stay hydrated when hiking, running and particularly road biking with my kids.

Staying hydrated while being active during pregnancy is a MUST!

Since then Nuun has become a staple in our house...sometimes it was the only thing this pregnant woman could stomach to drink!  It gave me a little boost during my outdoor activities and my kids LOVE drinking Nuun.

I'm not a fast hiker, runner or cyclist but I'd like to thank Nuun for picking Chasqui Mom, an active outdoor loving mom who will represent parents enjoying the outdoors as a family, staying fit and hydrated!

Keep your eye out for things to come on Chasqui Mom and make check out Nuun's social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter along with their #NuunLove #StayHydrated hashtags!

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