Avoid the Negative Effects 

Avoid the Negative Effects 

Avoid the Negative Effects

Avoid the Negative Effects  : After watching too much television, you’re more likely to have a negative effect on your health. The same is true for the Internet, online shopping, and social networks in general.

Affecting the quality of your life and health is a tricky thing. When something is entirely sedentary and narcotic, it’s easy to say it has no effect. But the negative effects of TV are not all negative. Watch too much television and you may be prone to the following, some of which are listed below.

Cardiovascular disease

People who watch TV for too long are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, too little television make your heart weak. cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death all over the world.


For young children, even sitting around playing games is too much of television. Constant posses of TV stupors their attention on trivial things and this may lead to thehyperactivity Hyperactive children are more prone to irritable bowel syndrome, which negatively affects the mental development of children.

Mental retardation

For children, too much television can result in mental retardation. This is a serious disease, because it may lead into the rest of your life.

Bone diseases

For kids, too much television can lead to the formation of new bone tumors. Plus, the bones of the children are going to be fragile. Avoid the Negative Effects

Breast cancer

For women, too much television watching can result in breast cancer. And Wetting the bed is shoulders more likely in women who watch way too much television.

Is there something TV that you love? What other activities can you replace your TV with?


Have you noticed that the people who watch TV snacks are chubby? Have you thought about replace that with healthier snacks?


Do you love watching your favorite TV shows or movies? Well, it would be okay if you turn it off when you are done with it. As much as you love watching movies, you need to get involved in physical exercises as well.

Remember, you need to encourage your children to be active. Get them involved in organized activities. This will support our children’s future health and schools. Don’t be too tired to play outside, as it is good exercise.

In case you didn’t notice, TV stoves are unhealthy, whereas natural wood fires are healthy. Switch completely to wood fires. Change your TV with a plasma or flat-screen.

The future is now! This is both for children and for adults.


You need to find a way to keep your children active for longer durations and with more activity. Apart from playing, they need to go to school and do their homework.

No matter how old your children are, they should understand that they need to do some sort of exercise. Encourage them and set rules according to their age.

Take part in a Family Fitness challenge. Lose 10 pounds in 2014. Include your family in your goals. Show them that leading a healthy life is no different from loving your family.